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The most talented brand marketers have dual superpowers

As I talked about in brand fundamental about the dual combination of strategy and imagination,…

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houzify & houzz

Houzify controversy: What brands & entrepreneurs can learn?

Facebook (FB), Houzz stirring the controversy with Houzify led to an epiphany of sorts for…

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Blue print for brand building

Blue-print for Indian start-ups building a brand

Building a brand is like raising your child, you want to instil the right values…

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amazon versus indian ecommerce - Re:imagine

Amazon v/s [Flipkart + Myntra + Big Basket/ Grofers] – Re:imagine

  The brand building exercise of Amazon in the last 18 months has been quite…

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uber new

Uber’s new brand identity: What can Indian start-ups learn?

  Uber has unveiled its new brand identity, brand adaptations and rebranding process along with…

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left right brain

Brand Fundamental – Strategy & Imagination

    A fundamental concept of a brand that everyone in the entrepreneurship ecosystem could…

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why brands will make business successful ?

Why brand led start-up companies in India will be successful?

  There are enough articles, media attention, sound bites on the importance of brand and…

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What is the difference ?

What is a Brand for Start-ups in India?

As we are talking about branding and building brands, I wanted to lay the foundation…

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Flat-pack Office

Presenting our core team member, Nikhil’s creation the ‘flat-pack office’. Our first innovative product for…

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Impact Bangalore Report 2014

Impact Bangalore Report is one among the first impact ecosystem studies of a city in…