Flat-pack Office

December 20, 2015 Featured 0 Comments

Presenting our core team member, Nikhil’s creation the ‘flat-pack office’. Our first innovative product for professionals and start – up offices, flat pack office offers a desk & seat which can be easily packed and ready for travel to any place (quite literally). A sabbatical break to work on your idea in Goa, shifting to new office, moving to another country or a perfect gift, the flat pack office is your ideal work station.


    •  Clean, Modern Design
    •  Ease in transportation and use.
    •  Customized branding options
    •  Various finishes – clean, rustic, dark or light wood.
    •  Innovative seat: Flat &free standing, can be hung on wall and customized branding.
    •   Desk with different options of table top and a slim drawer.

After few prototypes, Nikhil cracked his main idea for the innovation chair and the desk design followed.
Check out our Demo video of how you can easily flat pack the design & seat, ready to travel wherever you want to work !
Contact us for more details or if you want more design ideas or price details at Flatpack office