Design Walk for Entrepreneurs

A series of workshops through local city walks in specific neighbourhoods of Bengaluru to understand and interpret the historical, socio-cultural insights about the city and its people that can be applied in entrepreneurship and innovation. These insights & learning can help you/ your team that need to get out of the building and imagine new ways of understanding user experience, management, networks/ ecosystem, design and innovation.

Bengaluru’s journey from a 16th century urban vision to an 18th century military stronghold, an administrative showcase for princely/colonial Mysore and finally Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s modern future-city in a free India created a multi-layered metropolis marked by cultural diversity and inherited contradictions. Uncovering these layers is essential in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of the city, establish a more meaningful engagement with it and locate ourselves within it.

WHY walk with us? 

These out-of-classrooms, away-from-work spaces, experiential walking workshops re-interpret layers of city history and local culture to create a relevant context for Bengaluru experience. The theme-based Walks facilitate an understanding of city aspects that go beyond conventional expectations ascribed to a modern metropolis. They stimulate new ways to look, see and think differently. They are a useful exercise for visitors/ individuals, city projects, design modules or to meet a school curriculum need.

Bengaluru as a “case study” city is our way to share a deeper understanding of three broad concepts in our design walks: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Market. These concepts are interpreted, contextualized and digested through various design thinking themes such as User experience, Multi-sensorial design, consumer/ people behaviour, market, urban innovation, understanding networks and service design.

WHO walks with us? 

The walks are both interactive and interpretative. They are for universities/ colleges, organizations/ companies, and professionals working across sectors such as design, technology, marketing, start-ups, product and service companies. We begin at 18+ years and prefer an optimum group size of 8 to12 people.

WHAT do we do during a walking workshop?

Participants walk through symbolic spaces, immerse themselves in city stories, meet local people and understand how the city’s past impacts its present. The Walks offer two options:

  • Half day workshop: 4 hour design walk where participants engage in a combination of activities.
  • Full day workshop: 8 hour (including a lunch break) all day session where participants engage in either all or a combination of activities.

A few activity examples are:

  • Creative mapping (base map provided)
  • Documenting (note taking and photography) experiences and reflections
  • Theme based task setting exercises on looking and seeing (for full day workshops only)
  • Discussions and presentations by the group/facilitator to compile, analyse and apply these experiences for a project need (for full day workshops only)