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Design thinking, Reimagination, Innovation, Workshop


An innovation focused workshop for 1 – 2 days that helps entrepreneurs to reimagine their business and reimagine the sector they are operating. With our past experience, we have found this design thinking tool effective and helpful to many entrepreneurs who wanted to disrupt the typical model or sector and create a new, innovative approach to how we can imagine our ideas to real action. This is a more hands-on approach for teams that want to reimagine strategy and we facilitate this exercise.

Our projects and workshops are generally confidential with clients that are looking at innovative ideas that need to be protected till they launch the idea in the market. Disruption, innovation and re-imagination of a problem or an opportunity can spearhead a business to new growth opportunities and edge past its competitors.


Current projects

  1. Reimagining Men’s apparel sector: Led a 3 day workshop and 1 week research before the workshop for a start-up that wants to introduce a new brand in men’s apparel with innovative ideas. This will compete with big ecommerce fashion brands.
  2. Reimagining Food sector: Led a 2 day workshop that looks at new business opportunities, product ideas for the bakery sector in F & B industry. This was a followed by 2 weeks brand consulting.


Connect with us for more specific queries about the workshop.

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    Design thinking, Reimagination, Innovation, Workshop

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