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Most important ingredient in building a successful brand

With ambitious growth target, startups and businesses in India want to build a great, charismatic…

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brand & PR

Brand & PR – Can start-ups understand the co-relation?

As you google articles and tips on PR, you will find resources and tips for…

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what Indian startups can learn from branding and advertising by Nika India ad

Brand & Advertisement: Nike India just hit the bull’s eye and how !

  When I saw the Nike India Advertisement that featured Indian sportswomen and Deepika Padukone,…

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Brand & Marketing

Brand & Marketing: What is the difference?

What is the difference between Brand & Marketing? Which one comes first? Which one is…

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Blue print for brand building

Blue-print for Indian start-ups building a brand

Building a brand is like raising your child, you want to instil the right values…