Why brand & design

Why brand

Businesses can build products,
Replicate or transfer technology,
Talent can be acquired
But a strong business is based on its BRAND value.

Total Value of the company =
Market cap of business + Brand value of the company

To build a strong brand value
we need imagination & consistency

Building a brand is a collaborative project, like making a movie. You need the best of creative talent coming together, but more importantly manage effectively towards a direction.

The future and success of businesses will be brand led differentiation.

Why design

Quality design and new experiential approach to brand and businesses will keep the consumers interested.

The complete cycle of product/ service creation to delivery and delight of the customers has several elements of designing and creating magic that will make a business a true market leader.

Offline to online design, brands need to be constantly imaginative. Mobile apps will soon be replaced by newer technologies and design will constantly evolve, businesses need to adapt and adopt quickly to remain competitive.

Hence, the need for quality design consulting is imperative till brands build a strong internal design team.


Phase 1

We support businesses to create a strong foundation for brand and design through our expertise and represent the company external to facilitate on-boarding of creative vendors/ partners which we consider as Phase 1.

This process helps us to support businesses at early to growth stage that can invest in the company’s brand through a lean model of consultation at the formative stage rather than hiring specific talent to start the work from scratch.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, we helps companies to set up an internal team for brand and/ or design with an integrated set of creative partners that will take forward the brand, design and marketing activities.